How to waterproof boots

One of the first things that you notice when you’re buying new boots, is that you can’t really find great looking boots that are really waterproof. Especially, for walking in the rain. But, the one thing that not many people realize is that there are some great ways that you can waterproof almost any type of boot. This can include hunting boots. Here is some information about waterproofing hunting boots and methods that you can use to waterproof any kind of boots:


The best hunting boots and waterproofing

The first thing that you need to know is that when you’re going to buy the best hunting boots, you might find that some of them are already been waterproofed. There are not many hunting boots that are not waterproofed. This is because of the different terrain that you need to walk when you’re going hunting. You can find some best waterproof hunting boots here.

There are more than just the waterproofing qualities that you can find when you’re buying the best hunting boots that you can find. Some of these hunting boots, might be a little bit expensive, but you are really going to get value for money. It isn’t really recommended that you’re buying the cheaper versions hunting boots when you’re planning to go hunting.

But, if you were unlucky and you have bought some cheaper hunting boots that are not waterproofed, you can also use any of these methods to waterproof your hunting boots for the next hunting season.

Using creams, pastes and waxes

One of the first methods that you can use to waterproof your boots and hunting boots, is to use the different types of creams, pastes and waxes that are on the market. This can be a great and easy method, but then you need to make sure that you’re following the instructions correctly and make sure that you’re buying quality products and not fakes.

There are too many people out there that has ruined their boots, buy thinking that they had waterproofed the boots, but they didn’t use the best quality products. There are a couple of things that you should consider when using this method.

You should make sure that the shoes are relatively new, or really cleaned. You don’t want to have any filth or mud on the shoe before you start waterproofing your boots. You should also make sure that you’re using a clean cloth, however using your bare hands might be the best option to ensure that the cream and other products are clean.

hunting boots and waterproofingWaterproofing sprays

The second method for waterproofing your boots and hunting boots is the waterproofing sprays. This might be the easiest way to waterproof your boots, but buying the spray can be really expensive. It is really recommended that you’re not buying the cheapest spray on the market. This might not be real waterproofing spray that will genuinely protect your boots against getting wet.

Again, when you’re using the spray, you should make sure that your boots are really clean and without any dirt or mud. You should also make sure that you’re going to let the boots dry overnight, before you even can consider wearing it. The longer you leave the boots, the better waterproofed it will be.

The temporary fix

If you don’t find the creams or spray, there are some ways that you can waterproof your boots temporarily. But, remember that this is not going to last very long, and isn’t really recommended to use on your expensive boots or expensive hunting boots. This can ruin your boots, so use at own risk.

You can use things like transmission oil, clear coat enamel oil or even Vaseline cream. You are just rubbing anyone of these three ingredients on your boots, let it dry a bit and wear. But, it is essential to remember that this is just temporarily and will not last long.

One of the good things about buying the best hunting boots that are quite expensive is that most of these boots will be waterproof and will not need any of these methods above to waterproof your boots. If you have some of the cheaper versions hunting boots, or any other boots, there are three different ways that you can waterproof them, without spending too much money on buying waterproofed boots. These methods are easy and effective if it’s done correctly. provides guides on how to hunt effectively, answer reader questions, and reviews of the latest hunting gear. We specialize in providing expert information that does exactly what it claims. Our dedicated staff members are each seasoned professionals with a passion for hunting built upon years of in the field experience.
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