How to Prepare for Your Hunting Trip

When a hunting season begins, there are many new hunters eager to start their first hunting experience. There are countless things to prepare. Hunting is not simple as taking your gun to a hunting site and getting your prey. If you are burying yourself in the mid of items to prepare, you may find this article helpful. You may be trying to look for the best hunting boots or the most fantastic hunting gun – that is wonderful; yet without a direction, you may end up missing out important things that you need for a good hunting experience.
Below, we will give you a general view of what you need to prepare before going hunting:
How to Prepare for Your Hunting Trip 1

1. Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

– One common mistake that you should avoid at any cost is preparing things at the night before you depart.
– Like any other outdoor activities, hunting requires a careful preparation that takes sometimes to do.
– You should start prepare as early as 3 months before the hunting season begins.

2. Draw Up Your Plan for the Hunting Season

First thing first, you need a plan. You should be clear about these questions:
– Where are you going to?
– What are you going to hunt?
– Whom are you going with?
– When are you going to depart?
– How can you get to the hunting site?
– How long will you stay at the hunting site?
After getting all of these questions answered, you can start to think of what you need to prepare.

3. Safety First

– If you are new to hunting, take your time to attend a safe hunting course.
– You will find this extremely useful and vital to your hunting experience.
– Indeed, we recommend you not to go hunting if you do not know about safe hunting.

4. Make Sure Your Activity Is Legal

– Do you have a hunting license? If you do not, then get yourself one as soon as possible. Without it, you simply cannot go hunting.
– Check the law and regulation for hunting set up by your state government and make sure you understand those things.
– Check if the hunting site you are going to is a reputable place.

5. Prepare A Set of Hunting Gear

There are special stores for outdoor activity equipment. Go there and buy a set of hunting gear. There are many choices at various prices. Ask the retailer for a set for hunting beginners. You do not need complicated things for a beginning.
In case you are an experienced hunter, you will still need to check your hunting gear to see if there is any worn out item. Replace them with new ones.

6. Fit In Your Hunting Clothing

How to Prepare for Your Hunting Trip 2

– If you buy specialized clothing for hunting, it is surely a good thing. Yet do not put the clothing into the closet and only get it out at the day you go to the hunting site. You may feel uncomfortable with it.
– Try it several times to break it in.

7. Do Not Overlook the Importance of Camera And Telescopes

You may think that camera and/ or telescopes are not important and can be skipped. Yet at the hunting site, you will need their assistance for a better view and to spot your prey.
So prepare yourself with a camera or a pair of telescopes. There are specialized telescopes made for hunting purpose with reasonable price. You can easily find them online or in stores.

8. Check Out Real Hunters’ Experiences

If you have friends that are experienced hunters then you should ask them for their actual experiences at the hunting site. They may give you many useful tips on what to do and what not to do in order to get a good hunting experiences.
If you do not have any friend like that, then you can browse hunting pages for people’s sharing about their hunting activities.
Get to know as much as you can about real hunting experiences. You will find these helpful when you yourself stand at the hunting site.

9. Get Yourself Ready Mentally

Go to the hunting site and spend several days there may not be a very comfortable or romantic experience. Make sure you know what you are going to go through and be prepared for some particular hardship since the hunting site cannot be as convenient as the city you live in. Do not imagine fantasy scenarios or you will find yourself extremely disappointed at the reality.

10. Make Sure You Are Well Fed And Well Clothed During the Hunting Trip

At the hunting site, you may not find food easily (or you may not find them at all). So it is better that you prepare food and snacks for your trips. Do not pack fresh food like vegetable or fruits since they may get rotten soon and you cannot eat them anymore. Go for canned food or food in vacuum packing. They are easy to keep, do not take up much space and not heavy.
Prepare suitable clothing for your days at the hunting site. If it is going to be cold there, make sure your clothing is warm enough and vice versa.
 How to Prepare for Your Hunting Trip 3

11. Check Where You Are Going to Stay

At the hunting site, you may need to camp with your own tent if there is no other option. However, if you are not familiar with camping tents and are not confident enough to go with them, we recommend you to find hunting site which provide cabin for sleeping overnight. You can save yourself a lot of trouble by renting a cabin for taking your rest.

12. Bring Your First Aid Kit

– Like in any other trips or outdoor activities, you may get wounded or sick during your hunting trip.
– So it is essential that you equip yourself with the first-aid kit. If you do not know how to do first aid, you should learn to soon. This skill can save your life in some situation.
– If you need special medicament, make sure they are with you when you depart for the trip.
Guest post by: David S. Boone

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